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Canoe is an online book cataloging software

License: BSD License
File size: 31K
Developer: Michal Kwiatkowski
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Canoe is an online book cataloging software. It differs from library in a way it handles users. In Canoe everyone is equal and is able to either share or borrow books.

System helps to store and browse books data. It also automates borrowing process so you can find the book and make an arrangement with the owner with only few clicks.

Canoe project is fast and robust, designed to be easily extended and modified. Written entirely in Python.


Copy package contents into destination directory, then run


to setup database and initial configuration.

Python >= 2.3
pysqlite 1.0

What's New in This Release:
This release is more bulletproof and easier to debug.
Concurrency control still needs some improvement.
The most important new feature is searching: users and visitors are allowed to browse the books database by lot of search criteria, like title, authors, or publisher.
The navigation panel has been expanded by user-defined links.

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