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CartStart is a shopping cart project in three parts

License: Other/Proprietary License with Source
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Developer: Richard Leddy
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CartStart is a shopping cart project in three parts. The first part is a set of Web pages with products containing JavaScript for updating prices, logging into a cart server, and more.

The second part of CartStart is a server that acts like a chatroom for passing detailed product information to a shopping cart client, which resides with the user.

The third part is the shopping cart client, which keeps a list of product selections from different Web sites, Web bookmarks, the balance, etc. The purchase descision is made by the shopping cart client.

The C++ is STL and standard. By using Common C++ from Open Source Telecom, the basic server software is cross platform.

I have attempted to keep all of my extensions cross platform as well.
I could use some help with testing it out on more than one platform. So, if you're out there.

The Browser software, JavaScript and PHP, works in Mozilla and Explorer. I have this requirement for all of my development, anyway. The browser interface is for example. There is yet to be a detailed application.

However, if you would like to pursue using it, all the necessary code is there for expanding to larger applications. The PHP needs to have Sockets enabled.

Open Source Telecom
A browser

What's New in This Release:
This is the first version that performs the initial tasks for logging in, updating carts, and updating product information.
This version provides a proof of concept in which a product selection passes from a Web page to the targeted client shopping cart.

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