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cats2procmailrc can generate a procmail recipe from my mail categories file

License: Freeware
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Developer: Cameron Simpson
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cats2procmailrc can generate a procmail recipe from my mail categories file. The intent is to have an extremely succinct file of easily editable one line rules, generally of the form:

folder tag pattern

I build my .procmailrc like this:

-a 'announce-email "+%"'
-t maildir -L


-a alert

Specify a shell command to run as the alert function (see FILE FORMAT below), such as mailblink(1). The character percent ('%') is replaced by the folder name.


Insert a variation on the standard formail(1) recipe for deleting duplicates on a per-folder basis. For MH and Maildir folders, use a .msgid.cache file within the folder, otherwise use the file MAILDIR/.msgid.cache-folder.


Put the tag into the X-Label header field instead of as a prefix to the subject line.

-m maildomains

Specify the default mail domain for rule addresses lacking an @domain. The default comes from the environment variable $MAILDOMAIN. In fact this may be a list of domains if you have some equvalents, separated by commas.

-t type

Specify the default mailbox type. If the mailbox exists the type is deduced automatically, but otherwise uses this default, which may be one of unix, maildir or mh. The default is unix.


Don't track rule matches. Normally a X-Cats2Procmailrc-Matching-Rule header is inserted describing the match rule. This is done with formail and so can incur a noticable penalty if slow machines with lots of messages. If you're using the -L option the labels will mostly track stuff for you anyway.

What's New in This Release:
The handling of patterns with leading "^" character versus those without a leading "^" character was fixed.

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