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ccpop is a POP3 mail notify daemon with support for multiple mailboxes

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 72K
Developer: Emanuel Miller
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ccpop is a POP3 mail notify daemon with support for multiple mailboxes. The daemon will periodically check a remote POP3 mailbox for changes and notify the user by playing an audio file if new mail has arrived.

The script is small, full configurable, efficient and written in Python.


With installer (be logged in as root):
# tar xfvz ccpop-xx.tar.gz
# cd ccpop-xx
# ./ (or python

Without installer:
# tar xfvz ccpop-xx.tar.gz
# cd ccpop-xx
# cp bin/ /usr/bin/
# cp conf/ccpop.conf /etc/
# vi /etc/ccpop.conf

and your done. Well almost, edit the default configuration file it (or you) placed in /etc called 'ccpop.conf' (/etc/ccpop.conf). The configuration file is loaded with defaults and examples, it's
pretty straight forward and shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

You can run ccpop from the console by either typing "" or "python usr/bin/", although it is a daemon and is best to run at boot time so depending on what distribution of Linux your using, modify your startup files (/etc/rc.d/ in Slackware) accordingly.

ccpop does NOT require any arguments to be passed to it at run-time, although if arguments are passed they supersede the variables pulled in from the configuration file.


--ae Program used to play audio file (def: /usr/bin/play)
--af Audio file to play when theres new mail
--c Configuration file (def: /etc/ccpop.conf)
--d Delay between mail checks in seconds (def: 300)
--log Log file (def: /var/log/ccpop.log)
--help Help screen

What's New in This Release:
The timezone is now stored in a string, and it's at the end where it makes sense to be.
A minor memory leak was fixed.
An alert server was added at user request.
This server displays unobtrusive messages for a few seconds in the corner of your screen.
Multiple messages queue up.
This server is good for people who have a heavy message density, but whose messages aren't vital.
Some weird cpsend regressions were fixed.
The code was almost completely rewritten.

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