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Clara is a help-documentation tool for C++ or java developers

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Alejandro Xalabarder Aulet
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Clara is a help-documentation tool for C++ or java developers. Basically she paints a diagram - a clara diagram - from a class.

With clara you can visualize your class as if it were a chip with pins for input - representing the input parameters of the methods - and pins for output - representing the return type of the functions-.

Let's see for example the diagram that clara would draw for the following C++ sample class

class sampleInterface

void init (MyStructure * pstruct);

void setPoint (float x, float y);

float getX ();
float getY ();

void processIt ();

What are these pins for ? Are we going to connect them somehow ? Not at all, it is just a convenient way to represent what the class offers in a very compact form.

Of course the diagram will be drawn by clara automatically, there is no need (and no chance) of manually drawing anything.

Clara gets the needed information in two ways : using reflection in java and parsing the header file in C++. Clara can also draw a call-diagram of the class if the sources are found, note though that for the call-diagram an extra tool is needed (dot.exe from and it has to be installed apart.

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