UML2PHP5 2.2.0 review

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UML2PHP5 is a plugin designed to fit on the Dia diagram application

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 17K
Developer: KDO
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UML2PHP5 is a plugin designed to fit on the Dia diagram application. UML2PHP5 automatically generates the PHP code structure following the diagram's classes.

PHP5's and java's object model increasing similarity for example, there was an urgent need to update the tools for programmers.

UML2PHP5 is Open Source, under GPL. This means you can develop the source code to suit your need(s) and redistribute it as long as it remains under GPL terms.

Using UML2PHP5:

Draw your UML diagram(s)
Save it with .dia as file extension
Export through the XSL filter (*.code)
A popup opens :
Select UML-CLASSES-EXTENDED in the top box
Select PHP5 in the bottom box

The plugin generates as many .class.php files as necessary, in the same directory as the original .dia file.

What's New in This Release:
A new tool was added: 'php2uml', which generates UML diagrams from PHP classes files.
This tool uses the Reflection API.

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