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Claros In Touch is a webmail, address book, calendar, and notebook application

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
File size: 9011K
Developer: Umut Gokbayrak
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Claros In Touch is a webmail, address book, calendar, and notebook application. Claros In Touch aims to fulfill the need for a stable, full featured messaging application.

Here are some key features of "Claros In Touch":
Bayesian Spam protection (no need to do setting on mail server, it is bundled with the webmail)
Message Filtering (custom filters can be applied to the incoming mail)
Its is developed using Apache Struts, Apache Commons, Claros Commons, JSP and Servlet technology.
Folder support on the POP3 protocol. (It simulates the IMAP folders by database)
No need to do database setup (indeed it supports any JDBC compliant database engine), it comes bundled with a ready to run database engine. (Look:
It is compatible with any standarts compliant POP3 and SMTP server. (No IMAP)
Operating system independent. Written with regular JSP and servlets.
Can send HTML e-mail (DHTML based HTML editor included)
Fully MIME compatible (can read any HTML e-mail)
An address book aplication
An advanced notebook application
A calendar application, with daily, weekly, monthly views and reminder facilities etc...

What's New in This Release:
IMAP support, an RSS reader marquee, and a quick launch menu were added.
Some user interface enhancements were made in terms of usability.
The spam checking problem at the headless servers was fixed.
The issue with the DB systems that do not accept uncommitted read was fixed.
Oracle DB support was added (experimentally).
Some minor bugs were fixed.

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