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closedShop is a solution for a free shopping cart that is easy to install, maintain and customize. closedShop - Open Source Shoppi

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closedShop is a solution for a free shopping cart that is easy to install, maintain and customize.

closedShop - Open Source Shopping uses Perl and mySQL to provide a full featured online e-commerce solution that is free.

Here are some key features of "closedShop Open Source Shopping":
Item Searching, by description, title and category
Easy web interface installation
Mailing list management of customers
Easy order processing in the administration section
Cookie based shopping cart, so customers can continue shopping
Relatively secure user/admin authentication (w/o a secure server -- with a secure server, you would be very secure)
Secure server support (read readme file)
User accounts so customers can view status of placed orders
Email confirmations for customers and administrator
Easy look and feel customization
Multiple language support
Integrated eBay product posting (seemless)
Template files for Items and Categories, allowing complete customization


1. Create a folder in your cgi-bin, preferably called closedShop, and chmod it 755. Unpack the contents of the latest closedShop release, and chmod each file with 755 (executable). (including and sql.sql just for the hell of it).

2. Go to your web browser, and type in the url to the closedShop folder and go to the file, thus

3. If you have already installed closedShop, you will be redirected to the file. If you have not installed closedShop as of yet, you will have to fill in a few variables to get started.


Company Name: All self explanatory. The state variable
Company Email: will be used for tax purposes as well.
Company Phone:
... Address
... City
... State
... Zip

Tax Rate - Enter the tax rate your state is charging. If you are not considered with taxing, leave it blank. If you want to enter a tax rate of 7.9%, please enter as 0.079 otherwise your customers won't be happy when tax costs 7.9 times more than the actual product.

Select the credit cards you accept.

Categories: Create the names of the categories you sell products in.

Admin Username and password: to access the admin section and process orders and add items, etc, etc, the user/pass combo you enter here will be used. Make sure to remember the password. If you forget it you will need to go and find it from your mySQL database

SQL Info

Database name: whatever the name of the database you use Username and Password: Enter them, unless you don't have any then just leave it blank
Tables: Enter whatever names you want, they don't really matter

Website URL - your url

URL To closedShop folder - url to closedShop folder
Server path to image folder - this is used to write out images uploaded - make sure it is correct
URL To image folder - should correspond with the server path to image folder. This is where your images will appear.
PATH TO header file - You should create a header file which will border all the data from closedShop. In this header file make sure all the links to images and links to other sites are absolute, ie. start with http://....
PATH to footer - the bottom of your template. same idea as above

Table top colors - all closedShop is in tables. the top of each table is this color.
Table main colors - the rest of the table is in this color. the values you see entered there are what you are looking at now.
Font - change the font if you want.

Filenames - If you have no secure server support, you can leave this as they are. If you want certain files to be secure, as they well should be, you should enter the full https://... url to that file. Specifically, and should be secure at least. doesn't show anything very important, and neither does, but the other two are used for processing and displaying credit cards, so they should be in secure mode.

4. Go to your Admininstration. Go to the and enter your username and password. Here you should see your list of options. This is where you add, edit and remove items, all very straightforward hopefully, and where you process orders. You can view old processed orders and process new ones.
When you have clicked on 'process' the customer will be emailed with information that the product has been shipped.
You can also view customers who have signed up and change the variables you set in the Install part of installation.

5. That seems to be all I have to say about it. Add some links to your website for searching which appears in All you have to do is just link to and the default screen is the search screen. Customers accounts, where they can view their info, wishlists and order status is all in If you want to test an order, a test credit card number to use is 1111111111111111. Otherwise, you need a valid card to move beyond.

6. Questions, bugs, comments, blatant and disrepectful security holes should be sent to or visit the homepage at

What's New in This Release:
confirm deletion for admin things with javascript
receipt printing when viewing orders
can choose if you want search results in thumbnail form or not
merchant gets an email with order details for each new order
order display reworked some.
can enter an email signature to be appended to the bottom of every email
shipping can be calculated by weight classes (items also have weights associated with them), by total cost of the order, per item or no shipping costs
Added chinese language support from Liu Kang-min

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