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phpWishlist is a web-based wish list manager

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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phpWishlist is a web-based wish list manager. phpWishlist project is ideal for anyone who has ever received three of the same item for Christmas or a birthday.

The items on your wishlist can be claimed by others, notifying everyone else that at least one of the item has already been purchased. Even handier, you'll never have to keep track of what items you mentioned to which people - everyone can see your entire wishlist as it is updated.

The screenshots below show phpWishlist in action - each user has full control over their own wishlist, including the ability to edit and delete items. You can view the wishlists of others, and claim items - but phpWishlist hides which of your items are claimed, as well as who has claimed items for others.

Apache 1.3.31 servers running PHP4 and MySQL 4 on Linux


If you have your own server or web hosting account with PHP and databases installed, you can likely install phpWishlist with less than a half-hour of work (less than 5 minutes work if you really know what you're doing).

After setting up your MySQL database, you have to hand-edit configuration information in one file. At a minimum, you need to add the MySQL database name, location, login, and password information, and you can optionally add an adminstrative password and username to access the web-based admin controls.

The installation instructions in the README file follow:

1. Create MySql database.
2. Build table structures using ./wishlist.sql ie mysql -u [username] -p [dbname] < wishlist.sql
3. Unpack source: tar pzxvf wishlist-0.1.2.tgz
4. If you wish to take advantage of the admin.php page you will need to set the $admin_user and $admin_pass variables in inc/
5. Edit inc/ database settings

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