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Codestriker project is an open-sourced web application which supports online code reviewing

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: David Sitsky
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Codestriker project is an open-sourced web application which supports online code reviewing. Traditional document reviews are supported, as well as reviewing diffs generated by an SCM (Source Code Management) system and plain unidiff patches.

There are integration points with CVS, Subversion, Clearcase, Perforce, Visual SourceSafe and Bugzilla. There is a plug-in architecture for supporting other SCMs and issue tracking systems.

Using Codestriker for your reviews minimizes paper work, ensures that issues, comments and decisions are recorded in a database, and provides a comfortable workspace for actually performing code inspections.

An optional highly-configurable metrics subsystem allows you to record code inspection metrics as a part of your process.

Codestriker is written in Perl, and runs on all of the major platforms and browsers, and is licenced under the GPL.


This section is concerned with unpacking the Codestriker distribution into a suitable location, and then configuring it. For UNIX distribution, the following commands may be appropriate on your system:

% mkdir /var/www/codestriker
% cd /var/www/codestriker
% tar zxvf /from/installed/location/codestriker-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
% chown -R apache.apache /var/www/codestriker/codestriker-X.Y.Z

Here "apache" is the user which runs the Apache server. It could be "nobody" under different systems. Check with the ps auxww command, or check your Apache configuration files. Under Windows, the Codestriker distribution could be unzipped into a suitable location under c:program files, or just c:codestriker.

The next task is to edit the codestriker.conf configuration file to reflect the settings on your site. The file is documented with examples to assist in setting appropriate values. The file is in Perl syntax, so lines starting with a '#' indicate a comment.

What's New in This Release:
Codestriker now stores text as UTF-8 in order to support code reviews in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or other languages.
Support for ClearCase dynamic views was added, along with better support for Perforce.
Support for parsing CVS and Subversion corner-case diffs was improved.
Emails can now be sent using SMTP authentication.
Memory usage when linked to large LXR databases was improved.
Repositories can now be displayed with a configurable display name rather than the full URL.
Invalid bug IDs will be handled when entered in the create/modify topic screen.
A number of other minor bugs were fixed.

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