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Its main purpose, besides being fun to play, is to demo the specific versions of the server, archetypes and maps used by crossfire+

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2K
Developer: Marc Lehmann
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Its main purpose, besides being fun to play, is to demo the specific versions of the server, archetypes and maps used by crossfire+. All files can be freely downloaded via CVS on the the crossfire+ project page.

It is especially suited for beginners who do not want to experience a very sharp and frustrating learning curve and party players who want to play together more easily.

Here are some key features of "Crossfire plus":
Death is not permanent.
Death causes no stats depletion and little experience points loss.
Friendly fire causes no damage.
Pet monsters and summoned creatures will not stand in the way of other party members, making it bearable to play with summoning skills in a party.
The item power setting is "2".
The crossfire maps can be viewed interactively at
We import your character file from other crossfire servers, up to some level, so you can use your character you played with at home, for example. Send your character files to Please don't send artifically improved characters.
Player-killing is, as usual, not tolerated.
If you want to try out a map on a public server, feel free to send it in.
Map and graphics artists are working on improved graphics and new maps and quests.
Due to the filthy ;) code quality, the server restarts automatically after a crash (within one minute).
Emergency saves are disabled.
You can reach the admins via IRC: server (alternatively, channel #schmorp, user(s) schmorp or elmex.
You can reach the admins via E-Mail:
We are sometimes running the release, sometimes a CVS (not latest CVS) snapshot with some patches applied. If you encounter problems fixed in a newer snapshot feel free to report it.
Player files and other variable data is backed up nightly to two different locations.

How to Connect

To connect to the server using e.g. cfclient or gcfclient, use this command:
cfclient -server

or maybe...

cfclient -server -mapsize 19x19 -font 9x15bold -cache

or you could use gcfclient or any other crossfire client.

If you use Debian GNU/Linux, you can find the clients in the crossfire-server-x11 and crossfire-server-gtk packages.

What's New in This Release:
The plug-in system has been completely rewritten: scripts can now be attached to maps, players, individual objects, classes of objects, and so on.
The map loading and saving has been sped up by 500% and now saves script data attached to any object.
Object memory management has been cleaned up and now uses proper reference counting.
Shared strings have been rewritten to be faster and more efficient.
A trade shop for players has been implemented and lots more.

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