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"Every autumn people start hunting us..

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"Every autumn people start hunting us... We are fed up with it! From now on we'll be armed to the teeth and have parachutes and jet accelerators... So, dear sirs, we'll do hunting our way! These men will regret every single miss because our weapons won't spare them!

We'll make the hunt their worst nightmare..." Want to know more? Are you tough enough to stand out against the Jet Ducks? Then download this game and charge your rifle! On Linux now!

Game Rules

There are four types of the ducks in Air Force - Interceptors-privates,
Supersonic Fighters, Destroyers-commandos, and Aerobatic Aces.

Interceptors-privates are the most peaceful and vulnerable parts of
the ducks' Air Force community. They only protect themselves with the
help of helmets and some use parachutes. When you hit them, they sadly
land on the lake surface covering their eyes full of tears.

Supersonic Fighters fly very fast - just like their name suggests. Those
are the results of a recent invention from DuckSciLab - jet accelerator
that was implanted to the ducks-volunteers. These won't do you any harm
except distracting your attention from their armed friends.

Destroyers-commandos will try to wound you with the paint that holds for
some time on the screen and impedes to play. These are real pills! They
are mean and cheeky. They took lessons from a famous sniper. So, watch

Aerobatic Acess they are not even worth mentioning. Those are just
some spoilt creatures that do not deserve being called ducks at all.
Have you ever seen a bird flying in zigzags? Now you will...They are real
aces, though...

For shooting down the duck pilots you should come up with wining strategies
for each duck character. The number or points you get fully depends on the
character you shot and its flying speed.

Thus, for killing Interceptors-privates you can get 5, 10, or 15 points.

For a Supersonic Fighter you are able to receive 100, 150, or 200 points,
and for a Destroyer-commando - 250, 300, or even 350.

Aerobatic Aces shot down will bring you 50, 75, or 100 points.

The higher the skill level is, the faster the ducks fly and the smaller
the radius of hit is. That means that you need to shoot faster and more

In addition to traditional skills levels of Novice, Expert, and Master,
the game has several game modes:

- Blitz - this is a time-limited game. Here you should shoot as many ducks
as you can for a limited time that you can set yourself.

- Sniper - you have a limited number of cartridges in this game (you choose
20, 50, or 200 ammo). Thus, it's better not to miss and shoot only when you
are 100% sure you will kill the duck.

- Crossfire - this is a time-limited game without the shooting ducks. Feel
free to let all your rage and fury out. Shoot'em all! Though, don't forget
to re-charge your rifle.

- CliKill - a time-limited game. Instead of the gun you should use the sight that can be moved all around the playing field. Note that the playing field
is not limited by the game screen. The sight allows aiming more easily. Let
the steam off!

If you use joystick, the buttons of recharging and shooting coincide: if you have no ammo and you push shooting button, your rifle will be recharged.

For those who prefer stylus: the farther from the front sight of your rifle
you click, the faster the rifle moves to the appropriate side. Moreover,
there is a virtual joystick (with side movements buttons and shooting button).
If you put the stylus on ammo, the rifle will be re-charged.

What's New in This Release:
4 game modes and tons of different strategies
Several skill levels
Cartoon style graphics and smooth flying
International online Tournament

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