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CrossFTP Server is a professional FTP Server for multiple platforms

License: The Apache License
File size: 1K
Developer: Tony Zhou
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CrossFTP Server is a professional FTP Server for multiple platforms. It is a high-performance, extremely configurable, and most of all a secure FTP server. CrossFTP Server has an easy-to-use GUI for user to configure the server's behavior.

Here are some key features of "CrossFTP Server":
100% pure Java, free, open source FTP server.
Multi platform support and multithreaded design.
User virtual directory, write permission, idle time-out and upload/download bandwidth limitation support.
You can monitor all the user activities.
Anonymous login support.
Both upload and download files are resumable.
Handles both ASCII and binary data transfers.
IP restriction support to allow/ban IPs.
Database and LDAP can be used to store user data.
All the FTP messages are customizable.
Implicit/explicit SSL/TLS support.
MDTM support - your users can change the date-time stamp of files.
"MODE Z" support for faster data upload/download.
Easy installation/update by Java Web Start technology.

GTK+ version 2.2.x
Sun Java 1.4+

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