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CTBClient is a mobile client for the CTB

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Elvis Pfutzenreuter
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CTBClient is a mobile client for the CTB. The main objective of CTBClient is to allow registering expenses and other financial events in the road, and later uploading them to the mother system.

It puts in use a set of exciting technologies: Bluetooth, Python SQL DBI, serialization (marshaling) of objects, GTK+, Python for Series 60 Nokia cell phones (known as S60), perhaps PyObjc in future Mac OS X versions etc. CTBClient is also meant to be a guinea pig for portable Python development.

CTBClient is a project sponsored by INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia (Nokia Institute of Technology), where I work and have the environment and time to make such experiments.

Functional clients are:

GTK+ Linux/local (no Bluetooth, for quick tests);
GTK+ Linux Bluetooth
Symbian/S60 cell phone
GTK+/Hildon Linux (Maemo platform, like Nokia 770 tablets)

Functional servers:

Linux/local (for testing)

PyBluez for Linux/Bluetooth clients and servers
Python for Series 60 for cell phone client
CTB SQL backend to run the servers

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