CuteCom 0.14.1 review

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CuteCom is a graphical serial terminal, like minicom

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 21K
Developer: Alexander Neundorf
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CuteCom is a graphical serial terminal, like minicom. CuteCom is aimed mainly at hardware developers or other people who need a terminal to talk to their devices.

It is free software and distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 2, which can find in the file COPYING. It is written using the Qt library by Trolltech. Follow this link to visit the sourceforge project page.

Cutecom doesn't use the autotools (autoconf, automake, libtool, etc.) Instead "configure" is simply a wrapper script which calls qmake. To uninstall cutecom simply delete the file "cutecom" and the file "cutecom.desktop" and you're done. The config file is ~/.qt/cutecomrc.

Here are some key features of "CuteCom":
easy to use GUI
no cryptic keyboard shortcuts
lineoriented interface instead of character-oriented
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+S control sequences work
input history
a cute GUI ;-)
xmodem, ymodem, zmodem support (requires the sz tools)
easy to differentiate between typed text and echoed text
select between read/write, read-only and write-only open mode
open the device without changing its settings
hexadecimal input and output
configurable line end characters (LF, CR, LFCR)
configurable delay between characters

What's New in This Release:
add patch by Bernhard Schiffner which flushes the serial port when opening
CuteCom can now be built either with qmake or with CMake

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