CVSspam 0.2.12 review

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CVSspam emails you diffs when a change is committed to your CVS repository

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 81K
Developer: David Holroyd
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CVSspam emails you diffs when a change is committed to your CVS repository. These HTML mails hyperlink to further details and use styling to emphasise information structure.

Here are some key features of "CVSspam":
Every email includes colourised unified-diffs for all changed text files, and the committer's log comment.
Configurable limits prevent emails becoming too large.
If configured, mails can include links to Bugzilla bugs, RT tickets and JIRA issues, from specially formated log messages.
If configured, mails can include links to a ViewCVS, CVSweb or Chora view of your repository. Particularly useful for seeing binary image files before and after a change.
Written in Ruby.

What's New in This Release:
Email addresses parsed from CVSROOT/users are now stripped of any surrounding quotes, thanks to a patch from Elan Ruusam?e.
A numbering error that caused links from the top-of-mail index to point at the file next to the one they should have pointed at was fixed; as reported by several people.
Ricardo Pardini provided a patch that handles [[Wiki Links]] in the commit log comment.
Newer versions of Ruby don't allow scripts to modify their command-line arguments, so CVSspam altered to avoid doing that. (A problem that was introduced in release 0.2.11 while trying to fix another issue; thanks to Sven K?hler for checking this).
Improve email address handling, so that we can now encode non-ASCII characters in any 'personal name' part of an address. Elan Ruusam?e pointed out the lack of encoding.
Per a suggestion by Corporate Gadfly, the presence of the -kb 'sticky option' on a file now causes CVSspam to avoid producing a diff for that file; handy when diff's inbuilt binary-file detection heuristic fails. The -kb option can be specified when files are added to the repository, or added later with cvs admin.
It is now possible to specify a charset for emails in the CVSROOT/loginfo configuration file (so the setting can vary between CVS modules). This feature was implemented by Elan Ruusam?e.
Handle the case where someone has checked out the entire repository (cvs co .); avoid creating email subjects with prefix '[CVS .]'. Thanks to Christopher Petro for the patch.
Allow the internal $max_lines_per_diff option to be set to nil, meaning 'no limit', following Christopher Petro's suggestion.
The CSS formatting for the 'commit log comment' portion of the email now allows long lines to be broken, in mail clients that support this feature.
The documentation now gives an overview of the install process before diving into a description of the steps.
Notification of commits to a given, single file can now be automatically threaded together by mail clients that support this, thanks to a suggestion by Elan Ruusam?e.

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