Ticketsmith 1.0 RC1 review

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Ticketsmith is an all-in-one, Web-based email support ticket system

License: VPL (Voxel Public License)
File size: 19K
Developer: Justin R. Miller
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Ticketsmith is an all-in-one, Web-based email support ticket system. Messages sent to your support email list are inserted into a database and cataloged for easy viewing on the Web.

Replies, both staff and customer, are also cataloged, even though your customer uses a regular mail client.

Other features include internal staff comments about tickets, fast sorting and searching capabilities, and email notification upon ticket receipt.

Ticketsmith is the open-source support component of Voxel Dot Net's web hosting automation system, ?bersmith.

What's New in This Release:
fixed odd email character in comment summaries
added alt image attribute for better index/admin.php in text-only browsers
added quoted-printable decoding to ticket view
fixed grammar in My Tickets view with no tickets
fixed gateway bug with empty subjects and/or bodies
updated mailing list address in README
minor code cleanups

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