Cymbaline 1.3b review

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Cymbaline is a learning music player

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 41K
Developer: Andrei
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Cymbaline is a learning music player. In random mode, it will play your favorite tracks more often.

It also allows album-based navigation: you can start playing the next album, skip 2 albums ahead, go to a specific album, etc.

It has a random queue mode where you see a list of randomly chosen tracks that play consecutively. The queue is also built based on song scores.

Here are some key features of "Cymbaline":
Automatic song-rating system.
Album-centered navigation. (e.g. jump two albums down, jump to last album)
Random mode plays high-rated songs more often.
Random queue mode - a list of random tracks you can edit.
Vi-like one-key commands.
Keyboard shortcuts can be easily changed.
Find track by filename.
Build playlists on the fly based on specified score threshold.
Random directory mode plays high-scored directories more often.
Add directories recursively.
Terminal color support.
Command-line interface (no GUI).
You can manually set song scores.
No mouse - full keyboard control.
New in 1.3: mouse support.
It's possible to control player externally e.g. by creating window-manager shortcuts.


What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a bug that created a skip in sound when turning on random queue mode or starting a new track in random mode.
It also fixes a bug that sometimes corrupted the display when exiting from cymbaline and the bug that crashed cymbaline when the window was made too narrow.
The "o" command, which finds the next high-scored track, was fixed and re-added.
It was enabled in random queue mode as well.

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