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For a long time I wanted to play a random "album" in Amarok

License: Open Software License
File size: 7K
Developer: frawau
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For a long time I wanted to play a random "album" in Amarok. I could not find how to do it with what existed, so I got around to write my own (first) amarok script.

Random Album should be a playlist really, but I don't know yet how to do that.

So here it is. It will play a random album from your collection. Upon reaching the last song, it will load a new one in the playlist.

Alternatively, you can select to play a random artist (see the configuration)

The script acces the database. I've only tried with MySQL. I think that the "album" mode will work with SQLite, but not the "Artist" mode.

What's New in This Release:
For amarok 1.4.3 and above(?) ONLY! For ealier versions use 0.2
Changed script to work with Amarol 1.4.3
The "tags" table in the database now contains the path of a file below a given "device" (defined in table "devices"). The script now handles that correctly using KURL.
The "album path" filter filters according to the path below the "device" path. The device path is not taken into account

No attempt is made to check that the files do exists... This may be problem.... There seem to be no such a method with KURL and the "unicode" function refuse to take a QString (PyQt says it should) so I can't convert things to use os.path.isfile()

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