DataKiosk 0.8 beta review

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DataKiosk is a JuK-like database interface tool for generic SQL databases

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 15216K
Developer: The KDE Project
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DataKiosk is a JuK-like database interface tool for generic SQL databases. What does that mean? Essentially, DataKiosk provides a series of wizards (anyone familiar with Qt Designer's database wizards will find them familiar) that allow you to build a custom Juk-like interface for any SQL database with a QtSQL driver.

A little bit about where it came from... DataKiosk began as a solution for a customer with a thorny problem. This customer had some nasty legacy databases with horrible user interfaces that all needed to be merged.

While brainstorming for a solution, I came up with the idea of a Juk-like interface. After all, Juk and ITunes are wonderful interfaces for musical databases so, why not extend the concept to other generic SQL databases?

DataKiosk now resides in kdecvs under the kdeextragear-1 module.

Here are some key features of "DataKiosk":
Load tables with fully configurable fields.
Present Parent/Child tables through foreign key relations.
Basic and Advanced Search where the terms are transformed into SQL SELECT statements.
Integrated Kugar Reports where the report is created from the current search.
Project based with Saved Searches, Saved Reports and so on.
Present a very fast and efficient data entry application.

What's New in This Release:
I've changed the project bar to reflect Qt4 designer's widget box layout ideas. This gives a better separation of Tables and Reports and it also allowed me to introduce ...
Views. These are customizable composite forms that can be optionally populated by the edit forms of the table tree. Searching and scrolling and editing all work as normal from within them.
Many, many, many, other features and bug fixes that I'll go into detail after the Beta.

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