Deep Network Analyser 1.5 GA review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: John Casey
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DNA (Deep Network Analyser) is an open, flexible, and extensible deep network analyzer server and software architecture for passively gathering and analyzing network packets, network sessions, and applications protocols.

Deep Network Analyser project is designed to be used for Internet security, network management, intrustion detection, protocol and network analysis, information gathering, and network monitoring applications.

Here are some key features of "Deep Network Analyser":
Extensible Java based network sensor (processing layers 2-7)
Configurable processing and output:
Packet flows like Ethereal
IP Flows like CISCO netflow
Stateful Sessions (client/server flow pairs)
Application protocol element output
Configurable and extensible application protocol element parsing.
Application protocol parsing toolkit APIs allows for new protocol parser to be easily developed and extended
Targeting based full session capture facility, like a realtime targeted TCPDump.
Flexible targeting from IPAddr, Port tuple to Application sensitive targeting.
Configurable and extensible output forwarding (file, DB, Streams, JMS, RMI, etc.)
Extensible realtime collection portable to many OS/Packet processing environments
Easily adaptable to packet processing environments:
Specialized linux drivers mechanismon
Network Appliances
Network Switches / Routers
Highly mutithreaded for increased performance over multi processor environments

What's New in This Release:
Adoption of OpenAdaptor(tm) as the Output Adapter mechanism.
Support for local-only administration.
A new targeted packet capture parser, new run scripts, and a new install mechanism.
Many bugfixes.

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