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gnome-session 2.16.2 Window Managers
gnome-session package is free software and is part of the GNOME project. Contained here are · the GNOME session manager · the
GPL (GNU General Public License)
True3D*Shell 1.3 Window Managers
True3D*Shell is an open source 3D desktop environment that allows users to experience 3D browsing in a virtual reality universe where
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
Felidae 0.1.0pre2 Window Managers
Felidae ist a collection of modules for Fvwm, written in Perl
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Karmen 0.9 Window Managers
Karmen is a small and simple window manager for X
MIT/X Consortium License
wmThemeCh 0.3 Window Managers
wmThemeCh is a dockapp to change your Window Maker theme/background with categories
GPL (GNU General Public License)
TinyWM 1.3 Window Managers
TinyWM is a ridiculously tiny window manager implemented in nearly as few lines of C as possible, without being obfuscated or entirel
Public Domain
dynamic window manager 2.7 Window Managers
dynamic window manager or dwm is a dynamic window manager for X11
MIT/X Consortium License
GNUstep examples 1.1.0 Window Managers

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Phpmole 1.3.1 Window Managers
Phpmole is an integrated desktop development environment. Phpmole grew out of a port of Moleskine, since then it has grown and bee
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Fresco M2 Window Managers
Fresco project is a distributed windowing system. It's a windowing system derived from a powerful structured graphics toolkit orig
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Oroborus Theme Changer 1.2 Window Managers
Oroborus Theme Changer is an app for changing the theme in the Oroborus window manager
GPL (GNU General Public License)
WMgMon 0.4.0 Window Managers
WMgMon is a Window Maker (and AfterStep) generic monitor applet. It can display CPU, I/O, memory, and swap usage, as WMMon does
GPL (GNU General Public License)
wbar 1.0 Window Managers
wbar is a quick launch bar recommended for fluxbox or Window Maker
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Firebox WM 0.2 Window Managers
Firebox WM manages your windows
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Project Elevate 0.1.0 Window Managers
Project Elevate is an attempt to free users from the desktop metaphor. Project Elevate offers a fixed set of applications which al
GPL (GNU General Public License)