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Dialogos lets you automate network communication

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 104K
Developer: Markus Triska
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Dialogos lets you automate network communication. The program is controlled via a scripting language.

The scripting language is designed to make connecting to a remote computer and sending and receiving data as easy and straight-forward as possible.


To compile the program, the GNU C++-Compiler (g++) version 2.95.3 or greater is required.


make install (as root)

The program is installed in /usr/local/bin by default. Follow the instructions in the INSTALL file if you want to choose a different directory.

The program is executed on the shell as

dialogos [< file > [< arg1 > < arg2 > < arg3 > ... < arg9 >] ] .

If < file > is not specified, instructions are read from standard input.

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