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Dicole MimerDesk project is a Web-based collaborative learning and groupwork environment. It is designed for a wide variety of use

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Teemu Arina
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Dicole MimerDesk project is a Web-based collaborative learning and groupwork environment.

It is designed for a wide variety of uses such as personal management, computer-supported collaborative learning, carrying out projects, and setting up communities.

Its main strengths include a very customizable group system which allows many groups to work simultaneously on a shared database with tools like Projects, Calendar, Tasks, Forums, Links, Chat, Reviews, Voting, Files, Instant Messages, Profiles, and many more.

Here are some key features of "Dicole MimerDesk":
Powerful information sharing
Share task items with other users
Share calendar events with groups and other users
Send instant messages to groups and individuals
Use file attachments together with text in the Forums
Share files with other group members using a graphical file manager interface
Receive forum posts directly in your e-mail inbox
Search for any information in Dicole MimerDesk with the search tool

Great tools for personal time management and organization
Track your list of To-Do items with the task manager
Task manager has priorities and due dates for the categorized task items
Manage your contacts with the contacts tool that supports categories
Save your personal files to the file manager in easy-to-use folders
MimerDesk helps you identify your documents
Organize your appointments and time with the calendar application
Use daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and event specific views in the calendar
Convenient summary of all the relevant information on the desktop
Customize your working space to fit your information needs
Automatic archiving of the instant messages
Synchronize your Palm PDA with Dicole MimerDesk
Easily organize meetings with the meeting planner

Make contacts with groups and individual users
Search the user directory for interesting people
Upload your picture and fill your profile for other people to see
Send and receive messages instantly
See online users and last users logged in, including users in the same groups you
Send an instant application to join a group
Invite users to join your group with invitation messages
Add your frequent Dicole MimerDesk contacts to a friend list which you can use whenever you are communicating with them

Flexible group work
Use review system to archive, review, recommend and comment books, wines, food or anything else useful to other group members
Arrange polls for group members on topics you are interested in
Share files inside groups
Use powerful message forums for any kind of work. In the forums you can link files, user profiles and multimedia content in addition to normal formatted text
Use different type sets in forums to allow allow people to work analytically with information
Create and manage your group with easy to use admin tools
Use file manager revision control capabilities to keep track of your file versions
USe file manager file locking features to work with others on the same files
Get everything nicely summarized on the group desktop
Invite new users to join the group and remove old group members easily
Create a schedule for your group with the scaleable calendar application
Create a searchable database of useful links to other web sites with descriptions
See other online group members
Use project manager to organize your team work
Evaluate and follow the team work with different GANTT charts
Share contacts with other group members with the shared address book

Useful admin tools
Create new user accounts and assign access rights
View sessions
Convenient summary of all the relevant information on the admin desktop
Track users currently logged in
Add users directly to various groups
Categorize users in a user tree so it will be easier to manage loads of users
Define and create available type sets usable in discussion forums
Manage and edit all groups
Add many users directly from a file containing the list of new users
Edit the Dicole MimerDesk login page to hold what you want

Easy to use
Dicole MimerDesk interface looks the same for every application
Once you learn to use one tool you are able to use the rest of the tools
Icons visualizing different parts and items
Jump from tool to tool with the fast navigation menu
Move from group to group with just one click
Online documentation available
Each category's info page describes the function of every tool in the category
The interface looks the same with all popular graphical browsers on all operating system platforms
Multi-lingual support. Currently supports finnish, english, spanish, italian, estonian, german, norwegian, portuguese, russian, thai, dutch, galician, chinese, french and swedish
Update your timezone information while you travel to get the times displayed correcly in your local time


What's New in This Release:
Updated chinese (Big5) translation (Levin Ng)
Updated spanish translation (Javier Smaldone)
Added title in addition to alt (Glen Stewart)
Added estonian translation (Reili P�rt)
Fixed bug in sending user a new password (password was in crypted form)
Now files, search and group members tools are not listed in group members access rights
Fixed empty calendar event bug in meeting planner: now uses CSV in calendar events
Fixed empty value in SENDER column bug which resulted in an empty calendar event
Meeting planner selected the first available event, not the one the arranger wanted
Fixed bug: quick jump menu displayed some unselected tools it should not
Fixed: In project manager moving a task on itself resulted in a broken project
Instant message tool didn't allow apostraphes
Fixed message length problem in reviews tool
Group user rights tool has now a page limiter
Group user rights doesn't allow changing rights for tools that do not have rights

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