Distributed Internet Backup System 0.92 review

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Distributed Internet Backup System works by doing all its communication through email

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Developer: Emin Martinian
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Distributed Internet Backup System works by doing all its communication through email. The benefit of using email for transport is that clients behind firewalls or with intermittent connections to the Internet can use DIBS reliably.

Since disk drives are cheap, backup should be cheap too. Of course it does not help to mirror your data by adding more disks to your own computer because a virus, fire, flood, robbery, power surge, etc. could still wipe out your local data center.

Instead, you should give your files to peers (and in return store their files) so that if a catastrophe strikes your area, you can recover data from surviving peers. The Distributed Internet Backup System (DIBS) is designed to implement this vision.

Note that DIBS is a backup system not a file sharing system like Napster, Gnutella, Kazaa, etc. In fact, DIBS encrypts all data transmissions so that the peers you trade files with can not access your data.

What's New in This Release:
Added Peer Finder service to allow advertising and automated exchange of peering information. See manual for details.
Updated add_peer and edit_peer commands to allow sizes to be specified using k, m, g, t (e.g., 10k, 10m, 10g, 10t).
Updated the protocol DIBS uses to exchange store, unstore, probe, and other messages between peers. The new protocol is XML based to allow easier debugging, parsing, and extensions.
Fixed a deadlock bug reported by Jason Martin in a message to the dibs-discussion mailing list.
Made the daemon run its periodic checks like spawnning auto_check, process_message, etc., as soon as it starts up.
Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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