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Synbak is a wrapper for several existing backup programs suppling to the end user a common method for configuration, and will manage

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 110K
Developer: Ugo Viti
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Synbak is a wrapper for several existing backup programs suppling to the end user a common method for configuration, and will manage the execution logic of any single backup, and will make a detailed reports.

Moreover, if you are a developer and want contribute, the modular nature of synbak will allow you to easly write new backup methods, reports, and translations.

Here are some key features of "Synbak":
useful to backup servers, workstations and also laptops (not always network connected computers)
input and output strings on UTF-8 charset format only
easy concept and structure
system, method and report concept
support many backup methods
common config file and interface for configuring every backup method
fully multi user backup system, can run under normal user accounts or root user to keep all remote file permissions
auto erase of old backups
powerful reporting facility
very understandably backups reports
backup speed calculation
provide many backups information
you can create esclusion filters using regexp expressions
modular architecture for developers
ALL remote backups can be specified using a standard URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) format (ex. cifs://usr:pwd@host/share)
auto mounting and umounting of remote cifs/smb shares
fully localized using the standard GNU gettext framework

Backup Methods:

backup of local and remote files using the beautiful and super fast 'rsync' protocol
incremental backups
total backups
local backups
remote backups via ssh, rsync and smb/cifs protocols
auto mounting/umounting of remote system shares using smb/cifs protocols


backup of local files into tar archives
bzip2 compression
gzip compression
backup verify


backup dumps of local or remote MySQL servers
bzip2 compression for sql dumps
local multiple database dumps specifying the MySQL database dir (will create a dump for each database found)
remote databases backup in a single SQL dump
database inclusion pattern
database exclusion pattern


backup dumps of local or remote LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) directory servers
bzip2 compression for ldif dumps
ldif dump of remote LDAP servers


backup to tape archives (ex. DAT, DLT, etc...)
multi loader support (device changer/loader)
eject of tape at backup end
backup verify

Laser Disc

backup to misc laser compact disks
eject of device at backup end

Report Methods:


a very friendly gui wil provide all infos that an administrator or an end user need


with the emerging RSS (Really Simple Syndication) protocol usage, you will find this report facility very useful, use it with your RSS aggregator


receive via email the backup reports, the subject will describe if your backup gone well or not

What's New in This Release:
A bug in the rsync method which occurred when the "backup_no_make_destdir" option is used was fixed.
Another bug in the host check function was fixed, so remote backup should now run on SuSE Linux also.
A bug in the CIFS umount function was fixed.
The FAQ file was updated.

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