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ESR Backup is a simple easy to use backup system for UNIX and Linux

License: Artistic License
File size: 35K
Developer: Shawn Scott
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ESR Backup is a simple easy to use backup system for UNIX and Linux. It provides a simple, easy to configure solution for file system integrity.

ESR Backup project works on an automatic 2 week cycle to assure you have an easy to recover system.

Here are some key features of "ESR Backup":
Simple and easy to configure
Automatic 2 Week File Rotation Management
Remote Storage via FTP
Local File Storage
Encryption with 448 bit Keys
Completely FREE to use

ESR Backup takes the complication out of daily back ups, it does all the work for you so you can concentrate on more interesting things. ESR Backup automatically performs regular Full and Incremental backups on the following schedule

Monday - Full Backup
Tuesday - Incremental Backup
Wednesday - Incremental Backup
Thursday - Incremental Backup
Friday - Incremental Backup
Saturday - Incremental Backup
Sunday - Full Backup

It maintains 3 directories , current-week, last-week, and weekly-archives. After the full backup is performed on Sunday, it automatically rotates the last full backup from the last-week directory to the weekly-archive for safe keeping. It then removes the other archives because they are no longer needed.

It automatically rotates all archives from the current-week directory to the last-week directory. The current-week directory is then ready to hold next weeks backups. You always maintain 2 complete sets of backups. And all your old archives are ready to be stored on tape or CD or handled any way you choose.

ESR Backup provides you with remote archive storage via FTP so you can maintain current backup sets off site easily. If you don't have access to a remote FTP server , or do not wish to use one. ESR Backup can store archives on the local file system in a directory you choose. You can also encrypt your archives with a 448 bit encryption key.

Perl 5 or higher

What's New in This Release:
Fixes a bug in the configuration parsing that would break email reporting.
Fixes a bug that would cause the backup to fail if it attempted to backup a directory with some special characters in it.
Fixes a bug in the FTP functions that caused ESR to exit on an FTP failure without returning an error.
Fixes a timestamp issue where the date in the email reports would show Jan 1, 1970 on some systems.
Optimizes the backup engine code and cleans up some old references that were no longer needed.
Adds better support for upgrades.

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