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docbooktoc.xsl is a XSLT file for generating a XHTML table of contents from DocBook XML documents

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docbooktoc.xsl is a XSLT file for generating a XHTML table of contents from DocBook XML documents. It is used by the LayManSys project for the documentation.


docbooktoc accepts the following parameters:


The names of linked files are determined from the chapters id, which does not contain a filename suffix. This (string) parameter tells docbooktoc the suffix to use. Its default value is html.


This (string) parameter may contain stylesheets for styling the output document. You can pass more than one stylesheet by delimiting their filenames with a white-space (space, tab or newline).


This (string) parameter contains the MIME type used for content stylesheets. It defaults to text/css.

Program output

docbooktoc generates a XHTML document containing the books meta information (in DocBook XML, this is the subnode bookinfo and than lists all of the books chapters and section in an ordered list. The meta information are both used for generating the < head > as well as the documents header (in the XHTML < body >) and the output is the same like the DocBook XSLT driver for XHTML generates.

The books chapters and sections are presented as a n ordered, nested list, where the chapters are top level items, that contain lists of sections, where a section item again may contain a list of subsections.

You can use the Makefile distributed in this package and the LayManSys documentation for generating the example file toc.html. The make command for this is make test.


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