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doIRC is a full fledged IRC (GUI) client written in JAVA. doIRC is multi-threaded, MDI and implements IRC, CTCP and DCC protoco

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 242K
Developer: Harimohan S. Bawa
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doIRC is a full fledged IRC (GUI) client written in JAVA.

doIRC is multi-threaded, MDI and implements IRC, CTCP and DCC protocols and is a very user friendly and easy to use application.

Here are some key features of "doIRC":
Multi-Threaded, Multiple Document Interface (MDI) client.
Supports multiple channels, queries and DCC.
IRC Server selection option from the Status Window.
Channel List setup option.
User Information setup.
Individual channel window setup options. Remebers the new colors for that channel and uses it again.
Covers nearly all the IRC commands. I have not tried it. In case if any command is missing or not working, e-mail me.
Channel log option available.
Popup menus provided for userlist and text windows for different functions.
Command Panel, Ban List and tool bar in Channel Window for easy topic and mode change, ban list view and other useful commands. Bans can be just removed by double clicking on ban list (for Operators only). The command panel can be hidden by de-selecting the "Command Panel" option under the "Options" menus in channel window.
Colors setup for different text messages types.
Copy and paste using the CTRL-C and CTRL-V options.
Have tried to support mIRC colors, but still not fully functional. All the text bold, italic and underline is supported. (Support is for incoming text only).
User Hostname view (from userlist, ban list) using the tool tip text. Just select the user or ban and tooltip will show rest of information.
Easy bans.
Hide and show the window with just simple click.
In built identd server (You might need only for Windows).
Easy help on ToolBar and other components through Tooltip text.
Look and Feel (Windows, Motif, Metal).
Better connection to IRC servers.
doIRC editor to view the setup files and create aliases.
Layout of window (Auto/Manual, Cascade, Horizontal, Vertical).
New to this Version (doirc1.0)****
23) Lock and Unlock features using password.
24) Will create the setup (.ini files) in ${HOME}/.doirc.
25) Better event handling mechanism. Menus and Toolbar will activate and deactivate based upon the
status of the client and type of window selection.
26) Flexible way of opening logs using the preferered editor, preferred Mail program, preferred browser.
Added new finger program.
Added DCC Resume Option.
Time out feature for server connection. Currently hardcoded, will soon make it configurable.

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
Added new release 1.2.1 with minor fixes.

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