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RockBot is a fully functional multi-channel bot for IRC

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Alex Schumann
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RockBot is a fully functional multi-channel bot for IRC. It has hundreds of usefull commands for managing channels, amusing your friends, and protecting ownership. It is a good alternitive to an eggdrop type bot.

DCC model of rockbox is different like eggdrop. In RockBot YOU NEVER initiate a DCC chat with the bot. In all cases the bot will send you a DCC chat request when it needs one due to the type of data its returning. If you have trouble with DCC's it may be the bot cannotdetermine its true IP address on the machine. Try playing with "#define PPP" in config.h.

What's New in This Release:
The data files and memory model were totally re-written. RockBot now uses a multiple-channel scheme for keeping track of users, and also allows one user to store multiple hostmasks under one "handle". There is also a "global" config that controls the default settings for channels and high level bot users. In order to diferentiate
between global commands and local channel commands the following syntax has been implimented:
(Note: This example assumes CMDCHAR is '!')
Sent to a channel -> !userlist = userlist of the channel typed in
Sent to a channel -> !#mychannel userlist = userlist of #mychannel
Sent to a channel -> !!userlist = global userlist
Privmsg to bot -> #mychan userlist = userlist of #mychan
Privmsg to bot -> !userlist = global userlist
When you use JOIN a data file will be created to contain the new channels users, settings, topic etc. The LEAVE command parts the bot but does NOT remove the datafiles, however REMCHAN does.

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