dproc 0.2 review

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dproc gets video, audio, teletext, epg, etc

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 132K
Developer: Axel Meinhardt
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dproc gets video, audio, teletext, epg, etc. from any digital video card that is supported by Linux and broadcasts it on your network or records it on your hard drive.

to be able to broadcast the dvb-stream correct route should be set:
/sbin/route add -net netmask dev eth0

Right now there are 5 modules in the application:
"tt" - for getting teletext
"net" - for broadcasting via rtp
"rec" - for recording
"dvr" - to handle video/audio devices
"epg" - to get epg data

Every module should handle at least the commands "stat" & "help"
At the telnet prompt you could enter for example:
"rec temp.mpg" to start recording to file temp.mpg
"epg start" and a few seconds later "epg show" to see current/next epg data of the current channel
"#ProSieben; tt start" to switch to the channel named "ProSieben" and start getting teletext of it

What's New in This Release:
fixed some bugs in epgdb.cpp, moved sql treatment to class module

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