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DreamEncoder is a TwinVQ encoder working in XWindow environment based

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 606K
Developer: Pawel Garbacz
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DreamEncoder is a TwinVQ encoder working in XWindow environment based. It uses free encoding library taken from TwinVQ SDK by NTT. As always program is available on GNU GPL, so you get the source code. You can use it as you wish, but please note that the code is mine .
DreamEncoder has been created to fill the hole - there wasn't any batch encoder (like TwinVQ Encoder by Andre Kampert for Win32).

To install DreamEncoder do the following steps:
Untar the package by typing:
# tar -zxf dreamenc-v?.?.?.tar.gz
then go to the 'dreamenc' directory:
# cd dreamenc
and type:
# make
In a while computer will compile the source code, when finishes type:
# make install and the DreamEncoder is installed on your system. To use it type in xterm or run anyway 'dreamenc'. The interface is (I think) intuitive so you can't complain that's non-intuitive.

DreamEncoder require a XWindow environment with GTK+ (Gnome ToolKit). It's been writen to compile on every machine with those libraries. Of course it require a 'gcc', linker and 'make'.
Note that encoding TwinVQ files is very time-consuming, so you have to use to encode a fast machines (class Pentium III or Athlon is recomended - libraries are optimized to work on such processors, so encoding will be much faster).

What's New in This Release:
compilation bug (redefinition) fixed

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