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DreamPlayer is a Linux-console multi format player

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 384K
Developer: Pawel Garbacz
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DreamPlayer is a Linux-console multi format player. It's the first Linux console multimedia player supports TwinVQ, and Wave (for now). There is planned version for Windows in the future. Player uses free decoder library known as TwinVQ SDK by NTT.

You probably have a question Why I've decided to write a text console program. The answer is very simple. As you can read in About Me I just love to listen music, especially during working. I use TwinVQ for collecting music - because of smaller file size - I thought that all over the world there are many people who would do like me.

Yes, I know there is a Linux native multimedia player called XMMS working in the X Window environment. But X Window uses much more resources than my program, and XMMS aren't better. So I wanted to create a small player with big abilities. The first: I did by using text console environment, the second: I'm on ncurses based interface to make the player more useful. Additionally my player is available as freeware on the GNU GPL and as an Open Source. So you can use my code, change as you wish, but just write that the original code is mine

There's no special system requirements, when you can run the playe. You just have to get Linux system with the kernel supporting the OpenSound System - library supporting soudcards in Linux, compiller (gcc), linker, and a program called 'make'', and of course glibc++ library - not especially the newest.
To play TwinVQ files you can use PC with minimum 120MHz speed processor, but I recomend some more. My computer AMD K6-II 300MHz uses 30% of the processor's power to decode vqf's, my friend's computer - Intel Pentium Celeron 600MHz - near 10%. So if your computer is faster, the work will be more comfortable. That's not my fault. The TwinVQ format has such high requirements.

What's New in This Release:
fixed *.wav reader
new chunk control for TwinVQ files (accepts every *.vqf)
added stdout output (thanks for that idea)

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