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DrPython is a highly customizable, simple, and clean editing environment for developing Python programs

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Dan
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DrPython is a highly customizable, simple, and clean editing environment for developing Python programs. It is intended primarily for use in schools, and is a tribute to DrScheme.

Here are some key features of "DrPython":
Cross Platform, Clean and Simple GUI:
Works anywhere wxPython works, adopts the native look and feel of the host os.
Built using wxStyledTextControl (Scintilla):
Syntax Highlighting and Styling Built In
(Choose from Python, C/C++, HTML, Plain Text.)
Drag and Drop Files
Optional Text Drag and Drop
Optional Brace Matching
Rectangular Selection
All STC Commands can be set via shortcuts, and can
be added to the pop up menu.
Built In Prompt:
Runs programs in a separate process with input/output piped to the built-in prompt.
Print Open Files, Prompt Output.
Highly Customizable:
Edit Syntax Highlighting, Tab Width, Printing Options, Default Find/Replace Flags,
Folding, Default Python Arguments, Automatic File Backups, Feedback Messages,
Toolbar Icons, Python (and wxWidgets) Documentation and more.
Optional Unicode support:
Easy Access to DrPython Commands:
Customize the Right Click Pop Up Menu, Keyboard Shortcuts, and an optional ToolBar.
Extensible in Python:
Plugins have complete access to DrPython internals.
They can be loaded automatically on startup, or loaded in groups via the menu.
Built in methods to facilitate adding plugin functions to the pop up menu,
keyboard shortcuts, and the toolbar.
Plugins can be installed locally via zip or main plugin file, or downloaded and
installed from sourceforge mirrors.
Scriptable in Python:
Quickly write custom python scripts with access to DrPython internals, and access them from the menu, shortcuts, the pop up menu, or the toolbar.
Quick Access to Files:
Bookmarks (which are built into the File Dialog) provide
quick access to files and directories.
The "Open Imported Modules" dialog enables you to
get at modules imported in the document.
Navigate and Manipulate Python Source With Ease:
Source Browser:
Shows document classes, function definitions and import statements.
Source Browser Go To:
A mix of find and the source browser in a nifty dialog.
Move quickly to a specific class, function definition or import statement.
Go To Block/Def/Class Start/End:
Move quickly to the start or end of the current function, class, or block of code.
Uses a Custom FindReplace Dialog that supports (beyond the default wxWidgets dialogs):
In Selection
From Cursor
Prompt on Replace
Regular Expressions
Includes a Menu Driven Regular Expression Builder
You can Specify Default Options for Find/Replace/Switcheroo in Preferences.
A Pop Up Menu That Let's you:
Insert Tabs/Newlines/Carriage Returns
Find History
Find and Replace in Rectangular Selection.
Find And Complete:
Select from all possible completions of the current word in the current document.
Find And Complete is context sensitive, it forms the list of possible completions
based on the context of the current word.
View In Panel:
View any open document in any side panel.

What's New in This Release:
Bugs Fixed:
drscript dialog: Properly adds pydata when adding a folder
(Bug-Report, Thanks Franz Steinhaulser)
no longer reports error activating item if there is no selection.
py-lint codefixes:
Removed unused function CheckBranch from drTreeDialog.py
variable error in drPluginDialog.py (parent)
Removed unused imports from:
drBookmarksDialog.py (os.path)
drFileDialog.py (string)
drFileDialogPrefs.py (os.path, re, drGetKeyDialog, drShortcuts, drShortcutsFile)
drFindReplaceDialog.py (os.path)
drPopUp.py (drShortcuts, drShortcutsFile)
drPrompt.py (locale)
drpython.py (drPopUp, operator)
drSetupPreferences.py (os.path)
drShortcutsFile.py (wx.stc)
drSingleChoiceDialog.py (os, os.path, sys, keyword)
drSourceBrowser.py (inspect)
drSourceBrowserGoTo.py (string)
drSTC.py (locale)
drStyleDialog.py (drPreferences)
drTabNanny.py (sys, getopt).
drText.py (locale)
drTreeDialog.py (drFileDialog)
lnkDecoderRing.py (struct)
(Submitted PyLint report, Thanks Rene Aguirre)
Spelling Error in northstar.html (Bug-Report, Thanks Peter Mayne)
Cleaned Up Menu Ampersands.
Closes the clipboard if it is already open in drSTC.Paste
Returns in drText.OnModified if it is a Dynamic DrScript.
Patches to drFileDialog:
in OnFileSelected (filename bug).
tab order fix.
initially selects listctrl entry
extension fix.
(Submitted Patches, Thanks Franz Steinhausler).
You can now right click a selected item to activate it.
(Submitted Patch, Thanks Matthew (Endless Cascade of Prawns))
Now displays the shortcuts for each command in the menu.
(Bug-Report/Feature Request With Co-Fix, Thanks Franz Steinhausler)
(Updated at startup).
Added getmenulabel to DrFrame
Added GetShortcutLabel to drShortcuts.drShortcut

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