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dyndnsupdate is a tool for keeping dynamic DNS hosts up to date

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 11K
Developer: Anders K. Madsen
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dyndnsupdate is a tool for keeping dynamic DNS hosts up to date. It simply processes the URLs in dyndns.hosts config file (sends a HEAD request via HTTP). No biggie, but it works.

Put dyndns.hosts in /etc and run dyndnsupdate from an init-script. That way you'll be sure that your dyndns hosts are up to date within minutes after rebooting and perhaps changing IP address.

On my Debian box I've put dyndns.hosts in /etc and linked to dyndnsupdate from etc/rc2.d, like this:
ln -s /usr/bin/dyndnsupdate /etc/rc2.d/S91dyndnsupdate
That will make sure that dyndnsupdate is up and run when rebooting.

Furthermore, it can be encouraged to run dyndnsupdate as a cron-job as well, in case your server should be up for more than a month, since most dyndns providers requires you to update at least once a month.
This can be done by adding the following line to your crontab:
15 5 */25 * * dyndnsupdate -s
That'll make cron run dyndnsupdate every 25 days at 5:15AM and -s makes the script output nothing (unless errors are encountered) so you'll be rid of the annoying exit status mails from cron.

What's New in This Release:
Added win32/ for windows builds with exerb.
added win32/LICENSE
added win32/README

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