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Easy Benchmarking Suite is aimed at testing and benchmarking sites

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Developer: Karel Kubat
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Easy Benchmarking Suite is aimed at testing and benchmarking sites. Basically, the suite can:

Issue requests to a URL. A benchmark typically consists of a given number of clients that concurrently issue a number of requests. A request can be any HTTP request (GET, POST, HEAD etc.) with all necessary HTTP header information (session cookies, basic authentication information, etc.);
Get a quick overview of the results of a benchmark: how many trials succeeded, what are the average times for connecting and processing, what is the standard deviation of these times;
Prepare a GnuPlot command file so that the obtained results can be plotted.

This document describes the suite. Furthermore, manual pages are provided for the separate parts of the suite: sitebench, sitecollect, and siteplot.

A quick enough system to benchmark sites. Preferably the benchmarks shouldn't be run on the same system where the site is served, as the benchmark itself uses system resouces;
Perl 5 or better, with the following modules: Getopt::Std, IO::Socket::INET, Time::HiRes. Most (modern) Perl installations have these modules on-board;
GnuPlot, if you want to make plots of collected data;
GNU Make if you want to install this package using make (otherwise you can always install by hand).

What's New in This Release:
This release introduced a flag -t SEC in the sitebench script.
When present, benchmarking clients will wait a while before issuing the next request (the wait time is SEC minus the round trip time of the previous request, so that requests are SEC seconds apart).
This emulates user behavior more closely.

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