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Easy Funktion is 2D function plotter software with an equation solver

License: Free For Educational Use
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Developer: magr
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Easy Funktion is 2D function plotter software with an equation solver. Easy Funktion has an office-like GUI frontend and features a built-in pocket calculator, calculating with complex numbers (with special extensions for electronics, e.g. capacitor/inductor impedance), a function to export to spreadsheet software, and an advanced formula editor with automatic formatting.

This program alternatively supports an english version of the GUI, but at this time there is no separate english language download available.

In order to activate the english language GUI, do the following:

Open the folder where the program data is installed (/usr/share/easyfunktion). Rename the subfolder 'de' to 'de_'. You may need the root account to do this.

What's New in This Release:
This release added a new option for computing all available functions at once and showing the results in a popup dialog, which simplifies evaluation of results substantially.
Bugfixes include improvements to equation solving for quadratic terms, and removal of some crash conditions.

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