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ThinkFree Office 3 is a suite of Microsoft Office compatible-applications

License: Shareware
File size: 87038K
Developer: ThinkFree Corporation
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ThinkFree Office 3 is a suite of Microsoft Office compatible-applications. It includes word processing, spreadsheet and graphical presentation applications that let users create or edit their documents and files.

ThinkFree Office is a revolutionary software and is platform independent and compatible with Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems; enabling almost anyone to use it-no matter what operating system they're running.

Here are some key features of "ThinkFree Office":
Works 'WITH' Microsoft Office...

ThinkFree Office 3 is made-up of three applications: Write, Calc, and Show-none of which use proprietary file formats. Instead, all three of these applications use the same file formats as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint thus enabling extreme compatibility.

Because ThinkFree Office 3 is created using Java technology, it requires little porting to make the software run on different operating systems. In fact, a single code base is used to produce the software that runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. This platform independence also insures that the User Interface and the documents created using the application will appear the same way, to all users. This is something no other office software can claim.

...And Works 'LIKE' Microsoft Office

The ThinkFree Office 3 interface was designed to look, feel and behave like Microsoft Office. Thus users minimize their learning curves and can rest assured that their documents will look the same in ThinkFree Office 3 as they do in Microsoft® Office-no matter what editing features they use.

Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

ThinkFree Office 3 was developed using Java technology, so it runs as well on Linux as it does on Windows or on Macintosh operating systems. Therefore if you're running Linux and using ThinkFree Office 3, you'll experience the same streamlined compatibility you would running another operating system.

Multi-language support

The editing and viewing of documents in 11 languages is fully enabled. Languages include English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese. Support for more languages is under development along with translated menus, dialog boxes and users guides.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

ThinkFree Office 3 helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership for companies and other organizations in two ways. Firstly, the per-user license is much more affordable. And secondly, when ThinkFree Office 3 is hosted on corporate intranet servers, the software is launched from the server to the user's desktop via a Web browser. This eliminates the cost involved with installing and maintaining software on individual desktops.

30 day evaluation trial

What's New in This Release:
Japanese IME is now fully supported.
Launching, file loading, and file sharing features use less memory.
Memory is fully returned to the system when the applet is terminated.

More zoom options, such as, 'Page width', 'Text width', and 'Whole Page'.
The page number is indicated by pop-up screen when scrolling.
Hyperlink features integration with
Find/Replace feature is now applicable to Header/Footer area.
Added support for importing/exporting Word-compatible XML.
Improved text/table selection feature using a mouse.
Picture Toolbar with options to manipulate images is added, and is fully compatible with MS Word 2003.
Memory usage on the import feature is optimized through the use of binary XML.
Increased applet loading speed dividing JAR file into many files.

Added Group & Outline feature. (Available in "Data" menu) This feature is fully compatible with MS Excel 2003.
Added AutoFilter feature. This is fully compatible with MS Excel 2003.
You can now "Select Hyperlink", "Open Hyperlink", "Copy Hyperlink", and "Remove Hyperlinks" from the Context menu (the menu available when right-clicking an object).
Added Repeating Print titles functionality in printout. (Available in Page setup > Sheet)
Improved Copy/Paste with other applications.
Tooltips appear when dragging to adjust width/height.
Improved performance when opening large spreadsheets.
"Print What" option is added in Print dialog box.

Added support for Header/Footer.
Improved Copy/Paste via clipboard (HTML based).
Enhanced Undo/Redo feature when handling text.
The number of the first slide can be set from [File > Page Setup].
Improved support for Slide master and design templates.
Enhanced internal structures for better layout compatibility.
Loading is faster.
File import is optimized.
Editing features are improved for faster text treatment and slide show.
File export is improved by enhancing wmf export feature in the first slide.
Applet loading speed is improved by dividing JAR file into many files.

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