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Efax-gtk is a GUI front end for the 'efax' fax program

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Chris Vine
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Efax-gtk is a GUI front end for the 'efax' fax program. Efax-gtk can be used to send and receive faxes with a fax modem, and to view, print and manage faxes received.

It also has a socket interface to provide a "virtual printer" for sending faxes from word processors and similar programs, and can automatically e-mail a received fax to a designated user, and automatically print a received fax.

To compile and run efax-gtk-3.*, the GTK+-2.* and libsigc++ libraries must be installed. GTK+-2.* comes with Gnome-2. The README file referred to above provides further information about required versions of libsigc++, and it can be downloaded here: libsigc++ . The program is known to compile with gcc-2.95.3, gcc-3.2, gcc-3.3, gcc-3.4 and gcc-4.0, and should compile with any other standards compliant compiler.

To use the program you must also have ghostscript (gs) installed (this is included in practically all Linux/Unix-type distributions). You do not need to separately download and install 'efax' - the standard efax-gtk packages in the 'Download' section below include the necessary efax source code.

To use the supplied 'mail_fax' script (which will automatically mail a received fax to a specified user), you will also need nail. This can be obtained here, if it is not included in your distribution: nail

Version 3.* of efax-gtk does not use gtkmm. That dependency was removed on going from version 2.2.16 to version 3.0.0. Functionally, version 2.2.16 is identical to version 3.0.0.

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