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hylaPEx is a client for HylaFAX completely written in Python

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Michele Petrazzo
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hylaPEx is a client for HylaFAX completely written in Python. It can read and view sent and received faxes.

It supports TIFF and PS/PDF formats. hylaPEx can use redmon to create a virtual fax print. It supports shared contacts with a MySQL database.

Here are some key features of "hylaPEx":
Program and printer installer (on windows)
Internal viewer
Fax concatenate on send-fax. Then you print to virtual "fax-printer", send fax windows appear. You you print another time into "linux-fax", the second fax is concatenate to the first (multi pages fax), and so on.
Modify the "sending" fax with internal tools, like text and pen
Administration password
Fax receive control (a pop up message). You have 1/N new fax
Fax state send control (a pop up message) "Always, when ok, when no"
Phone book (local, mysql, odbc) with a wizard for create it
Right click on grid with all function (resend, update, modify job...)
Filtered view (by date or by number of fax)
Save-as. You can save fax as pdf, jpg, etc..
Multi-user for the s.o. the enable it (win 2k, xp, *unix, mac)
Look for a fax with the "Search" frame


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