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Elmo is a feature-rich, highly configurable and fast mail client

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Elmo Team
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Elmo is a feature-rich, highly configurable and fast mail client. You could call it a Mail User Agent, but it offers much more than traditional MUA's.

Elmo should be easy and pleasant to use.

The user should not be forced to configure many options before using it, nor read a long user's manual. We provide a short script, elmoconf.pl (in the src/ directory) which will create a configuration file for you, providing reasonable defaults. You can start using the full power of Elmo in half a minute!

Elmo should be very fast and efficient.

Elmo uses very efficient algorithms for several tasks. You shouldn't be surprised when you discover how fast it opens your mail folder with hundreds or even thousands of mail. For example, opening a folder with 7,000 mails lasts only four seconds!

You should be able to modify Elmo as you like.

You, as a user of Elmo, are the most important in our project. You should be able to configure your mail client as you like, and nothing should constrain you. That's why our configuration file has so many options: as your needs grow, you will be able to make Elmo behave exactly as you wish.
Moreover, if you have suggestions, special wishes and advice, we would like to hear from you! If time allows, we will gladly incorporate your suggestions into a future version of Elmo.

Elmo will not require special external software.

With traditional MUA's, such as Mutt, you usually have to set up an SMTP server, such as Sendmail, and often use additional tools like fetchmail to get your mail. With Elmo you can use this traditional approach but you don't have to: Elmo can send and receive mail on its own, which means you are less dependent.

Elmo should have a good, modular design.

While it may not seem important to you, it does influence our ability to add new features to Elmo. We worked hard to make Elmo easily extensible, using best software-development methodologies.

Here are some key features of "Elmo":
SMTP support (with authentication support)
POP3 support
a Bayesian mail filter!
an address-book
keymaps and hooks
maildir and (partial) mbox support
MIME support (including support for encoded headers)
partial GPG support (decoding, and signature verification)
OpenSSL support
partial UTF-8 support
interactive search

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