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EPIC is a Perl IDE based on the Eclipse platform. Features supported are syntax highlighting, on-the-fly syntax checking, content

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jan Ploski
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EPIC is a Perl IDE based on the Eclipse platform.

Features supported are syntax highlighting, on-the-fly syntax checking, content assistance, Perldoc support, a source formatter, templating support, and a Perl debugger.

A regular expression plugin and support for the eSpell spellchecker are also available.

What's New in This Release:
Implemented Feature Request: [ 1351860 ] Right-click on runnable script to launch
Fixed Bug [1470346] Cannot execute scripts from linked folders
Implemented Feature Request: [ 1429720 ] Specify working directory for Perl run configurations
Fixed Bug [1233924] Debugging disabled in eclipse 3.1
Fixed Bug [1257160] Can't Debug ... "Error Parsing Debugger Variables"
Debugger now works with Eclipse 3.1
Check for errors in scripts before running/debugging
Fixed bug [1113326] show STDERROR stream in CGI console window
Fixed bug [1113336] Unable to set Perl include path in CGI debug mode
Fixed bug [1114090] NPE in CGITarget.startBrowser
Double-klicking on a breakpoint in the breakpoints view opens the corresponding file
Displaying of variables re-coded.
- This should remove all known bugs (" Error Parsing Debugger Variables")
- significant improvement in speed
Remote Debugging implemented
Improved handling of Regular Expression Breakpoints
- Property dialogue added
- if RegEx can't be extracted user is asked for intervention
- before executing a breakpoint properties are updated if source line has changed
Perl Debugger uses to connect to EPIC for local debugging sessions. This should avoid some Problems with firewalls.
Fixed bug: [ 1050648 ] Environment vars not inherited by debugged script on Solaris
Implemented Feature Request: [ 1051399 ] Debug-Perspective: Switching automatically
Corrected createEnvArray() to work on Linux systems
Fixed problem with Cygwin (Pathmapper error)
Preserve spaces in variable values
Support displaying of empty arrays and hashes
Fixed bug: [ 996461 ] Debugger crashes Perl (termination procedere)
Fixed bug: [ 996581 ] run configuration dialogue forgets filename
Fixed bug: [ 996351 ] NullPointer exception during Launch (problems if path to Perl executable has spaces)

Fixed Bug [ 1366386 ] parser unable to format function
Feature request #1504523 "Improved caret movement to/over word boundaries" implemented
Feature request #1476317 "Mark Occurrences editor feature" partly implemented
Outline now supports multiple package declarations per file
Outline selection now reflects caret position in the editor
Replaced use of org.epic.ext.cbg.editor with a custom ANTLR-based lexer
Partially fixed Bug [ 1345811 ] typing quotes (',") takes forever in 0.3.12
Partially fixed Bug [ 1306168 ] Open SUB Declaration doesn't work as advertised
Partially fixed Bug [ 1256511 ] Text Highlighting does not consider escape character
Fixed Bug [ 1366386 ] use of word 'quote' breaks syntax highlighting
Fixed Bug [ 1363498 ] Toggle Comment via key shortcut does not work
Fixed Bug [ 1363365 ] Outline doesn't heed __END__ token
Fixed Bug [ 1360594 ] syntax highlighting and "_" character in hash key
Fixed Bug [ 1354177 ] Single Quote and regular expressions
Fixed Bug [ 1334523 ] Quickdiff does not work
Fixed Bug [ 1333812 ] error during file save
Fixed Bug [ 1321329 ] Folding does not work reliably in 0.3.12
Fixed Bug [ 1320512 ] Opening Perl editor very slow
Fixed Bug [ 1316066 ] ResourceException for each closed project at startup
Fixed Bug [ 1314702 ] Problem in strings srottak@gmail.com
Fixed Bug [ 1312851 ] qr// problems with quotes
Fixed Bug [ 1309321 ] # in reg exp makes rest of line look like a comment
Fixed Bug [ 1285425 ] Wrong View with perl "fork()"
Fixed Bug [ 1232049 ] code after fork highlighted till end of text
Fixed Bug [1305170] Syntax highlighting broken after regexp
Fixed Bug [1307071] syntax validation / error marking is not greedy enough
Fixed bug: [ 1295065 ] sub new not displayed in outline
Fixed bug: [ 1276748 ] Filetest operators break syntax highlighting
Rewritten bracket matching and smart typing code
Fixed bug: [ 1282601 ] Menu actions not linked to the active editor
Fixed bug: [ 1281422 ] Moving caret up and down doesn't work as expected around { }
Fixed bug: [ 1281415 ] Changing preferences causes an IllegalStateException
Fixed bug: [ 1281410 ] Auto-indent does not work with spaces instead of tabs
Feature request #1100818 "Errors in Modules should be listed" partly implemented
Improved displaying of compilation errors for files using CGI::Carp
Fixed bug: [ 1106548 ] Projects are now built asynchronously, build progress is reported, a build may be cancelled
Feature request #1114657 "Eclipse variables expansion" implemented by Przemyslaw Wesolek
Perl perspective now has shortcuts to show views, create new items (all related to existing actions)
Fixed several exceptions occuring with closed projects or with unexpected selections
Fixed bug: [ 1111483 ] Outline now only displays SUBs without trailing comments
Fixed bug: [ 1106001 ] Now only SUBs and Modules are listed which does not belong to any kind of Syntax group (like Quote, Pod, __END__, ...)
[ 1114652 ] Added support for modifier in regula expressions
[ 1113907 ] Added support for additional spanning types (e.g. 'format')
Module Degel::Refactor updated to version 0.03
Added support for regular expressions and HERE-Documents
Fixed bug: [ 1077441 ] Source formatter does not make tabs 4 column wide
[ 1077441 ] perlTidy: Better handling in rare case of invalid positioning
[ 1081462 ] Option for Enabling and Disabling AutoType-Feature of Quotes and Brackets
Perldoc View has been reimplemented (Accessible via Shift+Ctrl/Control+H)
Added New Perl File Wizard
Implemented Feature Request: [ 1047906 ] Validate source on request, not continuously
Added Jump Matching Bracket
Added Bracket Matching
Added Default Web-Starter Page
Fixed bug: [ 847291 ] Changes in Preference-Editor caused sometimes a NullPointer exception
Added Refactoring: Extract Subroutine. Uses CPAN module Devel::Refactor.
Added Source Folding for POD and subroutines (Source Folding can be disabled via Editor preferences)
Fixed bug: [ 1017681 ] outline/subroutines leads to wrong line if code contains POD
Added Source menu to Editor context popup menu
Added Validate Syntax to Edit menu
Added Open SUB Declaration [ 810926 ]: Finds the selected (resp. current position) SUB locally, require and packages
Fixed bug: Better handling when editing across Platform (line-separator issue in the Outline View)
Preference Page change: Interpreter name is automatically surrounded by "" if browse button is used
Implemented Feature Request: [ 847292 ] Add *.pl to CVS ASCII file list
Fixed bug: [ 993685 ] Outlinie/Modules lists modules in POD with PC line endings
On double-click text selection also select @ and %. (Contributor: Danny Bud )
Fixed bug: [ 999542 ] ResourceException when file removed
Fixed bug: [ 996612 ] ClassCastException on Perl project right-click
Fixed bug: [ 993782 ] no warnings displayed until first change is applied
Fixed bug: [ 814986 ] Pragmas are not modules
Fixed bug: [ 991625 ] OutlineModules also lists modules from POD sections
Empty entries are no longer added to the Perl Include Path
Performance improvements (Outline View redraw enhanced)
Implemented Customizable Task Tags (RFE 990979)
Fixed bug: Task Tags on end of file do not raise an exception anymore
Fixed bug: Task Tags outside of comments are ignored now.

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