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erikyyyphone is an Internet audio conferencing application

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 120K
Developer: Erik Thiele
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erikyyyphone is an Internet audio conferencing application. No new features are added so far.It produces very low traffic on your line! Yes there already was this great audio conference software back in those old good days! All i did was fix a bit and automake it.

The servers are designed to communicate with each other on the internet. You control your server with your client.

Once the client shows its main screen, you can enable recording of digital audio by pressing the SPACEBAR. you will see that "**" appears around "RECORD WISH". this means that recording will actually be activated when possible. Recording IS really
activated, once you see "**" around "RECORD". why is it this complicated? well, if someone is just speaking to you, your soundcard is locked and recording is not possible. but because "RECORD WISH" is activated, recording will be started, once the person stops talking to you.

Recorded sound is sent to all servers listed in the "outgoing connects" list.

On the other hand, if any other servers connect you, they are listed in the "incoming connects" list.

You can connect a new server by entering it's IP, for example:
Please press ENTER when you are finished full names like "" are not supported, due to some technical difficulties not mentioned in this file ... (hehe. now in the year 1999 i will tell you, why this is so. dns lookups do block and so sound cannot he heard)

What's New in This Release:
fixed sound stuff. program now works again!

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