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fsbackup.pl is a incremental backup creation utility

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 269K
Developer: Maxim Chirkov
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fsbackup.pl is a incremental backup creation utility. fsbackup.pl support backup compression and encryption. Backup can be stored on local file system and on remote host stored over SSH or FTP.

Some addition scripts allow backups SQL tables from PostgreSQL and MySQL (pgsql_backup.sh and mysql_backup.sh)), save system configuration files and list of installed packages (sysbackup.sh).

Backuped with fsbackup.pl files can be recovered by script fsrestore.sh, backuped with sysbackup.sh system packeges can be reinstalled by sysrestore.sh


The following command-line options can be used with fsbackup.pl:


Create new backup without checking files in previously stored hash.


Create full backup, like as -n option.


Only rebuild hash, no storing files in backup archive.


Clean incremental backup storage and create new full backup without checking $cfg_increment_level config parameter.

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