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Esselbach Storyteller is a Content Management System designed for high-traffic Web sites

License: Freeware
File size: 1024K
Developer: Philipp Esselbach
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Esselbach Storyteller is a Content Management System designed for high-traffic Web sites. It features a caching system, image uploading with a thumbnail function, and templates and custom fields. The user database can be used with vBulletin, UBB.threads, phpBB, Invision Board, and Burning Board.

Here are some key features of "EsselbachStoryteller":
Multiple websites
Manage up to 99 websites under the same admin interface.
Caching system for heavy traffic websites
Instead of querying the database server each time, the system is caching all HTML content on the file system. This is extremely fast and efficient.
XML import and export
Share and exchange news with other websites. Import news via XML/RSS newsfeeds with a few mouse clicks.
Mail import
Import your news@yourdomain emails directly to the news queue. No need to use an email program for your news.
Image upload features
Upload images to your news, articles, FAQs, and downloads. Add uploaded images with an easy point and click interface.
Highly adaptable because of templates and custom fields
Easily change the layout to fit your website. You can even add PHP snippets to your templates for maximum customization. Add additional fields into your news, downloads, and FAQ.
Integration with 3rd party applications
Share the user database with the following 3rd party forum applications: vBulletin 2.2/2.3/3.0/3.5, UBB.threads 6.2/6.3/6.4/6.5, phpBB 2.0, Invision Power Board 1.1/1.2/1.3/2.0/2.1, Burning Board 1.2/2.0/2.3, Burning Board Lite, MyBB 1.0, UseBB 0.7, Simple Machines Forum (SMF) 1.1, and PunBB 1.2. No need to register twice.
Import your old news database
Import scripts available for PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, NewsPro, Coranto, News Publisher 1.0, and Greymatter.
Ready for the future
Runs perfectly with register_globals = off and enabled PHP safe mode. Supports also the new MySQL 4.0 InnoDB tables and fulltext search right out of the box.

PHP 4.0 or better (4.3.0+ recommended for all features)
MySQL 3.22 or better (4.0.12+ with InnoDB recommended).
20MB diskspace

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