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Eternal Lands is a MMORPG client (massive multiplay online role playing game) currently under development

License: Free To Use But Restricted
File size: 40870K
Developer: Radu Privantu
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Eternal Lands is a MMORPG client (massive multiplay online role playing game) currently under development. The game is now in Beta stage, but that doesn't mean it is incomplete. There are 9 skills, total character development freedom, many quests, religion, a lot of NPCs, animals and monsters.

If you are a PKer, you can fight other PKers in special maps. If you are not a PKer, then you can stay on the non PK maps, where you don't have to worry about being attacked by other players.

Here are some key features of "Eternal Lands":
Fully 3D isometric environment. As opposed to the 2D isometric games, you can turn the camera at any angle you want, on the Z axes (perpendicular to the ground), and see new details of the objects that were previously obscured.
Day/Night/Morning/Evening. The day/night cycle has 6 hours. Morning starts at 0:00, and at 1:00 it's full daylight. The evening starts at 3:00, and at 4:00 it's full night. The light changes very smoothly, one a minute based enviroment table.
Dynamic projective shadows. The shadows respect the sun position, so they move while the sun travels on the sky. In the morning, the shadows become more and more visible, while in the evening they fade out, having a very smooth transition. Shadows can be turned on/off, by the player, in case their machine can't handle them properly, at a decent frame rate.
Lake water reflection. All the nearby objects, and the sky, are reflected in the water. Furthermore, the water moves a little, having very small waves, so all the reflected objects/sky are animated. Also, the color of the water changes, according to the time of the day. It is really nice to observe the lakes in the morning/evening.
Custom colors. Each player can customize the colors & hair of their avatar.
Multiple maps. There are many outside places to explore, and caves, dungeons, insides of buildings, etc.
Different map sizes. The largest map has .768 square KMs. That is, 589824 SQM.
Trade ability. Players are able to trade their items with others.
Magic system. Implemented, but still under development.
Fighting! Players are able to fight with eachother (on PK maps) and with various animals, in the wilderness (or even in populated areas).



~ or F1 -switch to/out of the console mode (like Quake, etc.)
Up/Down arrows - lets you scroll up/down through the text, when in F1
F2 -opens a browser window with the last URL you heard. You have to configure your browser & Operating System in the el.ini file, or Elconfig.exe
Tab -Brings up a map of the area, X shows where you are.**These maps are not completely accurate however.
Left/Right arrows OR Middle Mouse button-lets you rotate the camera, on the Z axis.
Shift + Left/Right arrows -allow you to rotate the camera in the fine tune mode.
Up/Down arrows-lets you rotate the camera on the X axis, between 45 and 60 degrees. Default is 60.
Alt+x -quits the game (no warnings/confirmations).
Alt+h -turns on/off the health bars
Alt+n -turns on/off name tags
ctrl+v OR shift+insert-paste text from clipboard
Page up/Page down -zooms in/out

Hotkeys for icons:

ctrl+a -stats menu
ctrl+s -magic menu
ctrl+i -inventory menu
ctrl+m -manufacture menu
ctrl+u -use icon
ctrl+w -walk icon
ctrl+o -options/tools/config menu
ctrl+l -eye icon

Non console commands:

Can be typed anywhere in the game.

#cls - clears the screen
#time - gets the current game time
#date - gets the current game date
#stats - some information about how many players are logged in, etc.
#exit - quits the game (no confirmation)
#quit - same as above
#ver - shows the current version
#glinfo - shows some details about your video card and OpenGL info
#help - displays a help menu
/help (followed by a topic) - displays help for that topic
#ping - Shows your current latency
#beam me up - teleports your character to the campfire on Isla Prima.
#help_me (followed by your question) - will send a question to the NH's or Moderators online
#abuse (followed by abusers name and what they did) - will send an abuse report to the Moderators
#exp - tells you your Experience points, and how much you need for the next level
#suicide - your character dies
#storage - gives you a list of all the items in your storage
#arm - gives you a breakdown of your current equipment attributes
#kill me yes - your character is erased completely (from the game database, DO NOT execute this command if you are not completely sure that you wish to delete your char. There is NO way to restore the char once its gone)
#reset - resets your attributes, nexuses, perks, and overall exp/level to the default values

Chat Channel Commands:

Another way to chat in the game is by using the chat channels. You can change or leave channels at anytime. There are up to 2 billion possible channels in the game. You can make up your own channel to talk with your friends. Using the channels allows you to talk with everybody on that channel, no matter where they are in the game.

#jc 1 - 1 is the newbie channel (you can also replace the 1 with newbie, #jc newbie, same with the other named channels).
#jc 2 - 2 is the help channel
#jc 3 - 3 is the market channel. Go here to buy/sell/trade stuff with each other
#jc 4 - 4 is the general conversation channel
#jc 1234- You can make up ANY number to create your own channel(1234 was used here just as an example).
#lc - Leave Channel
#ci - Channel Info
@ - Type this to speak in a channel(@ and then whatever your message is)

What's New in This Release:
Some new items and summonable animals were added.
There is a new cave inside the gold mine.
Some bugs that caused sound and music problems were fixed.
The session statistics are properly saved when the client is closed.

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