EvilEntity Linux 0.2.5 review

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EvilEntity is different

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Rev. Kloss Korban
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EvilEntity is different. Very different! Designed with idealistic integrity, EvilEntity paves the road for a new generation of Linuxes to follow. We provide features without bloat.

This means performance, serious performance like no other OS currently offers. EvilEntity Linux is the development branch of a desktop Linux distribution designed specifically for the multimedia poweruser, videogamers, audio/video professionals, and speed freaks.

EvilEntity is a complete replacement for your current inferior OS. With EvilEntity installed you can be up and running, online, ripping MP3s, burning CDs, watching DVDs and TV, editing video and audio, and creating 3D models in minutes.


1. Insert the EvilEntity CDROM, Reboot, and Press "Enter" at introduction screen to begin.
2. Wait
3. You will now see the startup screen
4. Select yes to Partition Setup question if your harddrive is not setup for Linux.
5. Partition hard drive with cfdisk
6. Partition your dark drive option - press "Yes"
7. Select the hard drive to be partitioned- type,"/dev/'your device {ex. hda}' "
8. Setup up a swap partition (128Mb) hda1 Primary Linux swap 128
9. Setup up a root partition- hda2 Boot Primary Linux 20003.89
10. Write changes to disk - select,"write" then type "yes"
11. Quit cfdisk - select "quit"
12. Format Swap - select partition - select yes
13. Format Root - select root partition - select yes
14. Select additional mount points
15. Format Partitions
16. Install
17. Hit enter a few times
18. wait *(DR-0.2.5 takes 3 minutes 47 seconds to install [Athlon1800+, 7200rpm hd, 52xCD])
19. Reboot
20. Remove CD
21. press enter to reboot
22. login root
23. setup Video, network, users with econfigure
24. login as new user

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