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The Exchanger XML Editor is the most comprehensive multi platform XML Editor currently available

License: Shareware
File size: 71181K
Developer: Cladonia Ltd.
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The Exchanger XML Editor is the most comprehensive multi platform XML Editor currently available. The Editor facilitates easy editing, browsing, managing and conversion of XML Documents.

The Exchanger XML Editor is a Java-based product that provides unique functionality for viewing, authoring and editing XML data and documents, at a compelling price point. The Exchanger XML Editor offers a broad spectrum of functionality to help XML authors, business analysts and software developers.

It features XML Schema, RelaxNG and DTD based editing, tag prompting and validation, Grid view for tag free editing, XPath and regular expression searches, schema conversion, XSLT, XQUERY and XSLFO transformations, comprehensive project management, an SVG viewer and conversion, easy SOAP invocations, and more....

Exchanger XML Editor now comes in two editions. Exchanger XML Lite is free for non-commercial environments and can be downloaded without registration from Exchanger XML Professional Edition contains enhanced functionality not available in the Lite Edition and requires registration for a 30-day trial, after which a Commercial or Academic / Non-Profit license must be purchased.

The Exchanger XML Editor Professional Edition is available for a free, 30-day evaluation period. The evaluation software is fully functional and technical support is available during the evaluation period. Simply download the software, obtain an evaluation license-key and get started!

Here are some key features of "Exchanger XML Editor":
Grid view for tag-free editing (Professional Edition only) more...
XML Schema, RelaxNG and DTD based editing more...
Tag prompting and validation
Content folding
Standalone XSLT Debugger more...
Tree view and outliner for tag free editing more...
XPATH and regular expression searches
Schema conversion
XSLT more...
XQuery and XSLFO transformations more...
Comprehensive project management more...
SVG viewer and conversion more...
Easy SOAP (with attachments) invocations more...
WSDL Analyzer more...
XML Signature generation and validation more...
WebDAV and FTP support
Unordered Differencing and Merging (Professional Edition only) more...

Comes with built in support for :

XML Schema
Extension projects are available for TEI and J2EE specific XML

JDK 1.4 or later

30 day evaluation

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