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ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::TT is a Perl module that makes skeleton modules with Template Toolkit templates. SYNOPSIS use ExtUtils:

License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 25K
Developer: David A Golden
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ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::TT is a Perl module that makes skeleton modules with Template Toolkit templates.


use ExtUtils::ModuleMaker;
my $mmtt = ExtUtils::ModuleMaker->new (
NAME => 'My::New::Module',
ALT_BUILD => 'ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::TT',
TEMPLATE_DIR => '~/.perltemplates',

Note: ExtUtils::ModuleMaker has changed substantially in recent releases and ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::TT has similarly changed substantially to be compatible with these changes. Please report any bugs you may find.

This module extends ExtUtils::ModuleMaker to use Template Toolkit 2 (TT2) to build skeleton files for a new module. Templates may either be default templates supplied within the module or user-customized templates in a directory specified with the TEMPLATE_DIR parameter.

Summary of Features/Enhancements:

Supports building full module skeletons with all the functionality of ExtUtils::ModuleMaker
Supports adding a single .pm file (and corresponding .t file) to an existing module distribution tree
Supports creating skeleton text for a single method (generally to be called via a script from within your favorite editor)
Creates a template directory containing the default templates for subsequent user customization
Templates can access any parameter in the ExtUtils::ModuleMaker object (e.g. $mmtt, above). This supports transparent, user-extensible template variables for use in custom templates
Included command-line program makeperlmod provides a command line user interface for module creation. Supports reading default configuration settings from a file and will create a default config file if requested. These config files extend and/or override an ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Personal::Defaults file. The program can create full distributions, single modules, single methods, default configuration files or default template directories

Notable changes from ExtUtils::ModuleMaker:

Default templates are generally simpler, as users are expected to customize their own
.t files for single .pm files created after the original build are named after their corresponding .pm file rather than being sequentially numbered.
In the command-line program, COMPACT style is set by default


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