Feta Asset Tracking 1.2.1 review

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Feta Asset Tracking project efficiently tracks assets

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jonathan Ciesla
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Feta Asset Tracking project efficiently tracks assets. Feta is a PHP/MySQL/PostgreSQL application for use in tracking inventory of computer hardware within a company for internal use.

I wrote Feta because SimpleAssets is too complex, and I don't need to manage Licencing, since I tend not to use non-free software. It basically keeps track of individual parts and systems, as allocated to user-definable storage areas or externally-deployed locations.

Since I've not actually started using it, I have no sense of how useful the interface is or if it is lacking a needed feature.

I've also modified Tiquit to allow assignment of systems to Tiquit users, so that you can view a user's system specs from their incident.

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